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Welcome to – a site that provides software reviews & registration code discount.

I am Alex, founder and editor of I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, in 2005 with a degree in Computer Science, and worked as an application developer in the US for 5 years.

Story back in February of 2010, my father received the first smart phone in his life, that’s an 16GB iPhone 4. He is so curious about this magic device and was learning how to use it day and night. When we held parties or we travelled outside, he took his iPhone, taking photos, recording videos, view news, share interesting things with his friends, classmates, and so on. I knew that he is really like this smart device.

After a period, his iPhone ran out of storage space. I don’t think my father could free up iPhone storage effectively without my help! Because he is not familiar with IT area. To help my father to manage his smart phone easily, I searched on the internet and tried out many different programs to find the one that is secure and easy-to-use. Then, I write a detailed tutorials to him. After a week, he told me that he shared this tutorial on facebook and received so many likes. So, I upload the tutorial to my blog, also get many likes and some friend even asked if I could write other tutorials. So, I began to write article and tutorial about technology in my free time and could make a living from writing after two years. So I quitted my job in 2010 to write full-time.

2014, Connie Turrentine Joined my studio. 2015, Lincoln Spector Joined us. We are all proud of our jobs. We aim to help people, especially novice user to enjoy digital life on their portable devices through the right tips or easy-to-use software without taking risks and wasting time to search.

Can I write articles for

Absolutely. The process is very simple, click Contact to get email address, email us and we’ll email you instructions on what I’m looking for and how to get started. Not everyone will be selected, but if you have a flair for technology, software, Web 2.0 sites, etc, you’ll be a great fit!